Multimedia Project – Human Emotion Regarding Various Media Content

This is a college project about human emotions when in contact to diverse media footage. We have chosen a variety of videos that would trigger a multitude of emotions and have asked the subjects to fill in a form regarding their experience.

The main trailer containing snippets from our test subjects :

The list subjects and the article can be found here:
As well as the Subjects’ playlist:

If you would like to participate, widen our research and see the results, watch the Original Video here:

And fill in the Form here:

Summary and percentages of the Forms filled here:

The project is based on Paul Ekman’s study of human psychology and microexpressions present in all humans, regardless of age, social status, geography, culture, studies, etc.

Subject 0 and the Emotions observed are presented in depth in these 2 videos:
Live with text:

Although humans are fundamentally different, they do share, according to research, the same capability of showcasing emotions. This project and Form has shown that people are inclined to remember different feelings when it comes to the survey (question 1), although the sentiment of Surprise (because they did not know what to expect) was the most visible at that time and that Disgust (the feeling that actually uses the most muscles when it comes to a facial expression) would be the most remembered by the subjects – the pigs (question 4).
Most people from our culture are very accustomed to audio-visual media like the one showcased here, thus, to question 5, most of them didn’t have to think about what was shown to them.
Another interesting aspect about the modern world person that is exposed to various internet and TV media is that to question 6 some responded that they did not feel an emotion strong enough to trigger a physical response.
Some physical aspects can be observed (question 7) in the videos as they change and the subject gets to experience them (see the difference in breathing when it comes to the people jumping from the mountain or the pigs video).
Subjects Live Emotions on Camera (YouTube):

Our Team:
Cosmin Chitilă
Roxana Miron
Maria Korodi
Ana-Maria Gulin

The idea for this project was initiated by Flavia Dima.

Under Fair Use and Academic use short snippets have been used for the making of this video and no copyright infringements should factor into submission.

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