Erasmus + is the new Programme of the European Union in the field of Education, Training, Youth and Sport for the period of 2014-2020. This new EU Programme aims to fight the rising unemployment-especially among young workers-representing one of the main issues of European governments. The New Erasmus+ was created by the European Commission that states that strong and well-performing education, training and youth systems can help citizens to own the skills required by the labor market and a competitive economy. Another important task of the Programme is related to the development of social capital among young people. It desires to empower the young people to participate actively in the society through non-formal learning activities. This new Programme intends to form the perfect bridge between formal and non-formal education systems in order to increase the quality and performance of human resources throughout Europe. 

Our short feature gathered actual and post Erasmus Students and Erasmus Experts from Cluj-Napoca in order to create a real picture of how is to be an Erasmus Student. Our focus was in accordance with the aspects that were examined also in the ERASMUS survey 2013 and reflected in the answers received by our incoming and outgoing students. Is it worth it? or not? To take the chance of an Erasmus Mobility remains to be decided by each and every viewer after watching the following pictures.

Produced by: Cosmin Chitila, Roxana Miron, Maria Korodi, Ana-Maria Gulin, Tunde Vass.
Music: Gonna Start v2, Master of the Feast, Son Of A rocket – by Kevin MacLeod (